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Welcome to the Future of On-site Sales Presentations with Cradlepoint!

Are you a dedicated sales professional constantly on the move, engaging clients with captivating presentations all around your territory? The struggle dealing with unreliable Wi-Fi connections and navigating through strict company networks can be tough, often hindering your ability to make that vital pitch. Cradlepoint has a solution for that, and it is here to revolutionize your on-site sales experience!

Empowering the Road Warrior

As a dedicated sales professional, you know that opportunities don’t wait for you to be back in the office. Whether you find yourself in the heart of a bustling city or a remote corner of the country, Cradlepoint has your back. Imagine being able to pull over at a scenic overlook or a quiet roadside café and not only catch up on emails and customer follow-ups but also engage in video calls and file sharing as if you were at your desk. With Cradlepoint’s innovative technology securely mounted in your vehicle or with one of our portable cases, you become a mobile office, breaking down geographical barriers and demonstrating your commitment to clients, no matter where the road takes you. Experience the freedom to be productive and stay connected even in the middle of nowhere – because in sales, every moment counts.

The Frustration of Limited Connectivity

Picture this: you’re about to deliver a game-changing presentation to a potential client. But wait, your Wi-Fi connection drops, leaving you embarrassed and frustrated. We’ve all been there – struggling with unreliable public networks or battling corporate firewalls on site that prevent guest access. With Cradlepoint, say goodbye to these connectivity woes forever. Our advanced technology ensures a seamless, secure, and stable connection, giving you the confidence to present your ideas without interruption or permission from IT specialists.

Bypassing Corporate Network Hurdles

We understand the struggles of trying to access private networks during presentations. Companies are often hesitant to grant access to external devices due to security concerns. But your work can’t wait, and neither should you. Cradlepoint empowers you with a dedicated connection that doesn’t interfere with the host network’s security protocols. This means you can showcase your products and services without compromising the integrity of your client’s network – a win-win for both you and your potential customer.

Taking Control of Your Time

Imagine all the hours wasted waiting for IT support to address connectivity issues. Time is money, and as a salesperson, your productivity directly impacts your bottom line. With Cradlepoint and Digital Navigator, you’re in control. No more waiting for IT to troubleshoot connection issues or being concerned about security. No more delays in starting your presentation. Simply plug in your Cradlepoint MINIPAK 600, MESOPAK 900, or MAXPAK 1900 device, press the one button start and experience the freedom to engage clients on your terms and timing.

The Cradlepoint Advantage

Reliability: Enjoy a consistent and stable internet connection, ensuring your presentations run smoothly from start to finish.

Security: Connect without compromising security protocols, giving your clients peace of mind while you deliver your pitch independently.

Ease of Use: Plug-and-play, one button functionality means you spend less time setting up and more time captivating your audience.

Independence: Say goodbye to IT delays – Cradlepoint puts you in control of your presentation schedule.

In conclusion, Digital Navigator is your ultimate partner in enhancing your on-site sales presentations. We understand the challenges you face and have tailored our technology to empower you with reliable, secure, and hassle-free connectivity. Don’t let connectivity issues hold you back – embrace the future with Digital Navigator and take your sales pitches to the next level. Your success is our priority.


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