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About Digital Navigator

    What is a Digital Navigator?

    Digital Navigators address the whole digital inclusion process home connectivity, devices, and digital skills with community members through repeated interactions.

    Navigators can be volunteers or cross-trained staff who already work in social service agencies, libraries, health, and more who offer remote and socially distant in-person guidance. Often at trusted community-based organizations, Digital Navigators are familiar with resources that relate to digital equity, and they help residents learn to use critical online services that provide guidance with food support, rent, education, employment, childcare, government benefits and more. They recommend resources and check back with the client.

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    Cradlepoint offers 4G and 5G solutions for fixed locations, temporary locations, mobile vehicles, and IoT installations, making it an ideal solution for your entire edge. As all these share a common platform in NetCloud and a common cloud management platform in NetCloud Manager. This allows for consistent management and policies as well as a shared data plan across the entire network. And by having a solution that has been proven for all types of locations, including branches and other fixed locations, it allows mobile networks to take advantage of networking technologies such as SD-WAN, SASE, and analytics that are more prevalent in the branch but just as important for vehicle networks.


    Cellular internet works by using a router or access point  to connect to a provider’s cellular network, just like your cell phone does. The speed you receive depends on how close you are to a network tower, along with network congestion, how many connected devices you have and other factors. Most of the time, those speeds will be a lot lower than what a faster fiber or cable connection would be capable of — but if you lack alternatives like that, then a cellular internet setup might be just what you need. Our technology won’t magically make cellular signal where there is none, but it WILL grab whatever bandwidth that is available. The speeds you get will vary by your specific location. 


    With the amount of technology in vehicles, security breaches are an ever-growing concern. A major benefit of using a 5G- or LTE-enabled router over USB modems or hotspots is the security wall that the router adds, limiting the risk of malicious actors accessing IoT in vehicles and of data such as payment information or location information being accessed in transit. Security is too important to take for granted, so make sure you’re getting strong proactive security along with 5G connectivity when you look at in-vehicle solutions.

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