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4G and 5G LTE for enterprise or mobile Wireless WAN.

You have fixed sites, mobile vehicles, IoT, and remote workers from home — all of which require reliable, secure, and agile connectivity. Sometimes wired broadband isn’t possible, cloud-controlled LTE, 5G routers, and adapters deliver a Wireless WAN (WWAN), allowing you to connect more digital experiences, find new ways to remote work, and improve business efficiencies.

Digital Navigator Ruggedized Mobile Internet Cases

The digital age is here, transform the way you connect with one of our ultra secure mobile 4G of 5G internet cases. Our increasing need for clear reliable communications usually means you are tethered to your office. Now, you can take meetings on the go, wherever you go. Whether you are riding in the foothills, catching waves on your boat, closing that big deal, living in a rural area, throwing an event, influencing the world, or wanted to ensure continuity in your internet service we have a mobile internet case for you.  

Digital Navigator Ruggedized MINIPAK 600 Mobile Internet Case

Cradlepoint IBR600 in a portable all-in-one hard case, including cellular and wi-fi antennas and offers several valuable benefits, especially in situations where reliable and mobile connectivity is essential. Great for traveling salesmen who need a secure connection. 

Digital Navigator Ruggedized MESOPAK 900 Mobile Internet Case

Cradlepoint IBR900 in a portable all-in-one hard case, including cellular 4G and Wi-Fi antennas and offers several valuable benefits, especially in situations where reliable and mobile connectivity is essential.  Boost your connection with the IBR900  and relax knowing you have a ruggedized internet router that’s up for a challenge. Connect your life where once it was impossible. 

Digital Navigator Ruggedized MAXPAK 1900 Mobile Internet Case

Cradlepoint R1900 in a portable all-in-one hard case, including cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas  and offers several valuable benefits. Having a 5G Cradlepoint R1900 in a portable all-in-one hard offers the convenience of high-speed, reliable, and secure 5G connectivity in various scenarios.  An excellent solution for businesses, emergency response teams, researchers, and any situation where mobility and robust 5G networking capabilities are essential.

Texas, Celina Cradlepoint IBR1700 Barndominium install

Barndominium Life Simplified with high-speed connectivity Increased speed and stability At a customer site in Celina, Texas, cellular network speeds were between 1.4 and .3 mbps. The Internet service provider was satellite and promised speeds of 12mpbs but tended to...

Changing Remote Lives with Digital Navigator and Cradlepoint

Digital Navigator and Cradlepoint high-speed internet that gets high-speed data to your remote location for work, school, or online training.

LILIN’s Success at ITS World Congress 2022

ITS Innovation Finalist LILIN is proud to have received the ITS Innovation Finalist! Congratulations to our team for their hard work!  IN FOCUS FAST WITH MERIT LILIN LILIN showcased the latest Yolo AI camera (S7R5588EX30) at the ITS EXPO. Check out this article to...

Stopping crime while saving a forest with Vosker cameras

STOPPING CRIME AND SAVING A FORESTA case study about illegal dumping in Dallas, TX by Tyler SharpIn the spring of 2019, I was fortunate to be able to purchase 8 acres of untouched forest in Dallas city limits. There was so much potential in what could be done on this...

iFixit “The iPhone 14 surprise”

I FIX ITFix Your StuffVanilla iPhone 14 > 14 Pro MaxThe thought-to-be-boring iPhone 14 turned out to have the most radical upgrade of any of Apple’s new phones: a repairable redesign. As for the Pro Max, what would you put in the SIM reader slot—besides a black...

Become a Digital Navigator Authorized Installer

Become an Authorized Installer for Digital NavigatorMake regular income installingMobile 4G Enhanced LTE and 5G Cellular ServiceCome be a part of a winning team. Our expert knowledge in mobile networking and communications along with our extensive training and...

Digital Navigator Overlanding with Cradlepoint

Internet and WI-FI calling while overlanding the back countryNetwork WHEREVER life takes you4G Enhanced LTE and 5G Cellular ServiceWork from almost anywhere with mobile broadband and wifi calling. Cradlepoint is the industry leader in government, police, and emergency...

Work remotely in your Barndominium with Cradlepoint

Let us customcurate a high-speedinternet solution for your BarndeminiumService WHERE you need it most4G Enhanced LTE and 5G Cellular ServiceYou can finally work from home, Cradlepoint is the leading most trusted 4G and 5G LTE cellular radio on the market. Using...

Your employees can now work from anywhere.

Helping employees work from home is as challenging as it is essential. Equipping mission-critical workers with their own laptop, printer, and other work from home technology isn’t enough — especially if they’re using a wired consumer router. They need a reliable,...

Cradlepoint’s Threat Management

Identify offending users and threats to your network with Cradlepoint’s NetCloud and Unified Edge Security. Quickly gain valuable insights about network vulnerability for faster threat response and resolution, including routers still using a default password....

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Your industry is changing fast.
Here’s how Cradlepoint WWAN is helping.

Improve the customer experience and operational efficiency with cellular-connected fixed and pop-up stores, warehouses, delivery vehicles, kiosks, digital signs, and beyond.

Connect everything from the front of house to the back office and beyond, using WWAN to enable mobile POS, digital menu boards, ordering stations, sensors, delivery vehicles and food trucks, and more.

Support the evolution of how and where care is delivered by wirelessly connecting clinics, hospitals, ambulances and screening vehicles, telemedicine, and beyond.




For everything from digital signs, kiosks, and surveillance cameras in banks to computers, printers, and more in financial service offices, cellular WAN provides reliable, agile, and secure connectivity.

Reliable multi-carrier connectivity in vehicles empowers organizations to rely on IoT data in long-haul trucks, POS and guest Wi-Fi in taxis, and GPS and telematics in service vehicle and delivery trucks.

At critical times, the flexibility and reliability of mobile connectivity for vehicles and other applications helps public safety agencies protect communities and save lives.

Financial Services


Public Safety

Education trends such as school bus Wi-Fi, remote learning and teaching, and Private Cellular Networks for campuses are ushering in new reliance on wireless broadband solutions for school districts.

Technologies such as GPS and vehicle telemetry data, on-board cameras, digital POS, and passenger Wi-Fi are transforming public transit systems — with LTE and 5G connectivity enabling it all.

For wide-ranging situations including military bases, disaster response, offices, and remote work, wireless edge solutions for federal agencies keep essential services running at home and abroad.


Public Transit

Federal Government

All iFixit Tools

Professional-grade repair tools for any repair. We have the tools that you need! iFixit – Easy Repair Instructions. Quality Repair Kits

Mobile Enterprise Office

Your vehicle is your mobile office but you need access to your corporate office network. Now you can safely and security connect to all your company applications, where ever you go.

Custom Mobile Applications

Never lose internet with our custom Cradle Point fail over solutions for your home or mobile office. Ask one of our Digital Specialists for the best fit for your home office needs.

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Enhanced 4G/5G LTE

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What is a Digital Navigator?

“Digital Navigators address the whole digital inclusion process home connectivity, devices, and digital skills with community members through repeated interactions. Navigators can be volunteers or cross-trained staff who already work in social service agencies, libraries, health, and more who offer remote and socially distant in-person guidance.”

Wireless communication has become the “fourth utility.” Public and private organizations are struggling with the myriad of options as they try to adopt new technologies (while fully exploit existing telecommunications infrastructure) to provide the best suited digital access and opportunities possible. The specific needs are unique to each client and location. Do you use 4GLTE Enhanced, or start with 5G? What can be built onto our existing fiber network? Where can Point-to-Multipoint be used? How can my workers work from home securely? Is CBRS the right choice? What is CBRS to begin with? What are the steps to have a 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year plan?

DigitalNavigator.solutions provides insights and guidance to business and government specifically on custom and smaller scale deployments. Digital Navigator has certified professionals for custom solutions for robust mobile, small cell, rural, point-to-multipoint connectivity.
Smaller corporations and communities benefit from a curated solution that is simply not possible from larger telcos and infrastructure companies. Calls us for our rates for basic technical guidance on your project. We can help you understand the spectrum of options available for your individual needs and show you the way to success.

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Let us custom curate a cellular network solution for your mobile offfice, home office, or enterprise location.

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