Mobile Internet Tradeshow internet is a must, Mobile 4G/5G Cases – FAST Internet when you need to demo and close

Digital Navigator – Saving You Money At Tradeshows

From small companies to the largest they all have something in common, they want to save money any way they can when going to an already expensive exhibition multiple times a year. Innovation creates demand, we all have a direct need for high speed communications at tradeshows. Whether you are running a sales team that are making calls and sending emails, doing a SAAS presentation, or a demo of your latest computer animated design you need fast internet. You need fast internet that doesn’t break your show budget. Now you can bring your super secure, highly encrypted, business internet with you anywhere you go that gets cell signal. The digital age is upon us, transform the way you connect at tradeshows with one of our ultra secure mobile 4G of 5G internet cases. Now, you can take meetings on the go, wherever you go. Whether you are at a tradeshow, riding in the foothills, catching waves on your boat, closing that big deal, living in a rural area, throwing an event, influencing the world, or wanted to ensure continuity in your internet service we have a mobile internet case for you.

Cradlepoint Benefits at a Tradeshow

In today’s fast-paced world, trade shows are more than just exhibitions; they’re opportunities to captivate, connect, and conquer new horizons. As the lifeblood of innovation and networking, these events demand a seamless, affordable, internet connection. That’s where Digital Navigator and Cradlepoint step in – your partner in elevating your trade show experience while saving money.


Revolutionizing Connectivity: Why Cradlepoint?


Imagine a world where slow, unreliable internet connections are a thing of the past, and where you can effortlessly showcase your products and services without interruption. Digital Navigator and Cradlepoint bring this vision to life with our MAXPAK 1900 and MESOPAK 900. These high-speed mobile internet cases house the cutting-edge Cradlepoint R1900 with 2 antennas for the MAXPAK 1900 and an IBR900 with one antenna for the MESOPAK 900. Both will get more signal than the requirement at the show, but the MAXPAK 1900 will also get a 5G signal, producing far greater speeds, when the signal is available.


Benefits That Transform Your Trade Show Experience:


Reliability Beyond Compare: At a trade show, every moment counts. The MAXPAK 1900 and MESOPAK 900 provide uninterrupted connectivity, ensuring your demos, presentations, and transactions unfold seamlessly. No more dropped connections or frustrating delays – just a consistent, high-speed experience that keeps you in control.


Cost-Efficiency Redefined: Convention center internet fees can be a major drain on your budget, with costs soaring up to $15,000 for a mere 20 megabits per second. Cradlepoint offers an economical alternative, allowing you to redirect those funds towards more meaningful investments in your trade show success.


Easy Setup and Portability: The Cradlepoint R1900’s compact design and straightforward setup make it the perfect companion for trade shows. With minimal effort, you can have your own high-speed network up and running, providing a reliable connection for all your devices.


Seamless Demos and Engagements: Capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with real-time demos, presentations, and interactions. The Cradlepoint R1900 ensures smooth, glitch-free experiences that leave a lasting impression on your visitors.


Enhanced Data Insights: Gather valuable data on booth traffic, visitor engagement, and preferences with Cradlepoint’s advanced analytics. Make informed decisions based on real-time insights, empowering you to tailor your approach for maximum impact.


Streamlined Transactions: Process sales and transactions effortlessly with the confidence of a stable and fast internet connection. Leave a lasting impression on potential clients by ensuring that deals are closed swiftly and efficiently.


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