MINIPAK 600 Rugged Mobile Case – Internet On the Go

Digital Navigator Ruggedized MINI PAK 600 Mobile Internet Case

This model is a Cradlepoint IBR600 in a portable all-in-one hard case, including cellular and wi-fi antennas and offers several valuable benefits, especially in situations where reliable and mobile connectivity is essential.

Why MINIPAK 600 Mobile Internet

Ease of Deployment: With everything neatly packed in a portable hard case, the setup process becomes incredibly straightforward. One button operation lets Users quickly deploy the Cradlepoint IBR600 and its antennas in various locations without the need for complex installations.


Mobile Connectivity: The portability of the all-in-one hard case with antennas allows for on-the-go connectivity. It’s perfect for businesses or individuals who require internet access while traveling, working in the field, or participating in events.


Rugged Protection: The hard case provides robust protection for the Cradlepoint IBR600 and its antennas against physical damage, impacts, and environmental elements. This is especially beneficial in outdoor, remote, or harsh working conditions.


Enhanced Signal Reception: The included antennas are optimized for the Cradlepoint IBR600, providing improved signal reception and extended network coverage. This ensures a more reliable and stable connection, even in areas with weaker signals.


Secure Connectivity: The Cradlepoint IBR600 supports various security protocols, and the hard case can include additional security measures, such as locking mechanisms, to protect the device from unauthorized access.


Robust Cloud Managed IoT Solution

For organizations requiring robust connectivity for IoT networks — with installed routers numbering from hundreds to many thousands — Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for IoT with the IBR600C router provides a comprehensive cloud managed network solution. When coupled with advanced IoT features, it provides troubleshooting and diagnostics with in-band and out-of-band management, extensive analytics and insights, and extensibility and integrations such as Microsoft Azure IoT Central. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud-managed IoT endpoints can be rapidly deployed and easily scaled to accommodate the diverse requirements of organizations.



Redundancy and Failover: The portable setup with multiple antennas allows for load balancing and failover capabilities. If one connection experiences issues, the router can automatically switch to another available connection, ensuring continuous internet access.


Temporary Networks: The all-in-one hard case with antennas is ideal for creating temporary networks in emergency situations, construction sites, or remote locations. It enables rapid deployment of a reliable network hub without the need for permanent infrastructure.


Disaster Recovery: In disaster scenarios, having a pre-configured portable setup with antennas allows first responders and emergency teams to quickly establish a secure communication network for coordination and data sharing.


Field Research and IoT Deployments: Researchers, field workers, or IoT (Internet of Things) devices can benefit from the mobility and connectivity offered by the portable MINIPAK’s Cradlepoint IBR600 setup with antennas.


Remote Monitoring and Surveillance: The portable setup is excellent for remote monitoring and surveillance applications, providing real-time data transmission and video streaming capabilities.

The Cradlepoint IBR600C Series Router for IoT networks is a semi-ruggedized, cloud-managed LTE router, built for IoT and M2M applications. They provide a resilient, LTE connection ideal for use in high-availability, portable, or fixed uses. The IBR600C Series is available with IoT NetCloud Service Plans, which provide features optimized for each unique deployment.

When coupled with the NetCloud IoT service plan, the IBR600C router provides a compact semi-ruggedized 4G LTE router solution for connecting and protecting IoT devices at scale. It is ideal for use in high-availability portable or fixed applications such as surveillance cameras, digital signs, oil and gas monitoring, and parallel networking. With an extensive list of features, it can be confidently deployed in the field, in buildings, or in embedded systems to deliver complete visibility, security, and control of connected devices anywhere.


Embedded Category 4 LTE modem

Dual-SIM with Auto-Carrier Switching

Semi-ruggedized for industrial applications


Extend the service with NetCloud SDK and API

Dual-modem support with COR Extensibility Dock

Passive GPS



Category  – IoT

Cloud Management – Yes

Wireless Connectivity – LTE

5G Status – No

Form Factor – Metal

Ethernet Ports – 1 GbE, 1 FE (LAN/WAN switchable)

USB Ports – 1

Serial Ports      0

Dual-Modem Support – Yes with COR Extensibility Dock

Network Operator Standards – PTCRB (U.S.), GCF (global)

Network Operator Certifications – AT&T, Verizon

Public Safety Networks – FirstNet Trusted, Verizon Frontline: *See data sheet for model applicability

Throughput- 75 Mbps (Firewall)

VPN Tunnel Count – 5

Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n (Wi-Fi 4)

GNSS/GPS – Passive

PoE – No

Operating Temperature – -20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F)

Private Cellular Network – Yes — 4G LTE (No CBRS)


Protective, Waterproof & Shockproof

Outer: 13.37″ x 11.62″ x 6″ Inner: 11.81″ x 8.87″ x 5.18″

Waterproof protection for up to 1 meter fully submerged with a rubber gasket lining.

Lockable Fittings TSA Approved.

Stackable Design

Pressure equalization valve

12V 3A Power Supply Adapter

Waterproof GPS Active Antenna 28dB Gain, 3-5VDC

120mm Silent Green LED Case Fan

125 Volt 15 Amp Flanged Inlet, Power Inlet Socket with Waterproof Cap

2 x RJ45 Cable Connectors,  with Shielding Cable Coupler-CAT5E

1 x Panorama 600-6000MHz Desk Mount 2×2 MiMo 4G/5G Antenna

2 x Dual Band WiFi 2.4GHz 5GHz 5.8GHz 6dBi MIMO RP-SMA Male Antenna

VELCRO Brand Heavy Duty Fasteners retain components for service and maintenance ease



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