Providing reliable bandwidth and security

A financial service firm needed to have mission-critical customer representatives work from homes and remote locations. Representatives needed to be able to have dedicated connectivity apart from home networks due to security and privacy regulations.

Additionally, these representatives needed their remote office to offer secure Wi-Fi, voice, and data with access to both corporate and cloud-based applications. These applications needed to run smoothly to offer the best experience when agents spoke with customers.

The firm recognized that the critical security requirements would surpass the capabilities offered by Mi-Fi, and that the dedicated network connection provided further segmentation benefits to isolate work assets. They chose Cradlepoint NetCloud for SOHO.

For organizations that have critical employees working outside the office, providing high-performance connections to the Internet or crucial applications without compromising security is vital. Using advanced cellular wireless and cloud-based management, Cradlepoint’s Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) solutions deliver enterprise-class connectivity plus security to help mission-critical employees remain productive and protected outside the office. Instead of depending on solutions that rely on uneven levels of household networking equipment, Cradlepoint offers a secure, dedicated wireless connection that is fully isolated from the user’s uncontrollable home network.

Extend a dedicated enterprise network to workers at home
Provide remote workers with constant LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity and consistent performance that’s isolated from the home network their families use.

Equip employees to easily set up enterprise connectivity
Control the network as if everyone’s at the office
Enable the IT team to centrally control remote working network security, availability, management, device access, and traffic usage — wherever they’re working from.

Provide dedicated connectivity
Provide remote workers a highly available, dedicated Wireless WAN connection that avoids resource competition with other household devices.


Cradlepoint’s enterprise-grade SOHO routers enable company-controlled access to the Internet, corporate networks, and applications.