Redefine Working Remotely

These days, vehicles have evolved into rolling digital workstations. Powerful onboard devices enable reliable video streaming and other critical applications for first responders, businesses, public transit, and school systems. However, the benefits of real-time video and data are only accessible through highly reliable in-vehicle connectivity that securely links footage to the cloud and data centers.

Imagine, a single cloud platform with wireless edge routers designed to connect fixed and mobile sites, vehicles, field forces, and loT devices over LTE and 5G cellular networks. Welcome to NetCloud.

Reliable networks for connected vehicles and fleets

  • Public transport
  • Private coaches
  • Trains
  • Fleet
  • Marine vehicles
  • Fire apparatuses
  • Police cruisers
  • Ambulances
  • Mobile command centers
  • Light rail


Today organizations across virtually every industry require secure, nonstop LTE and 5G for connected vehicles and the people and equipment inside them. Cradlepoint NetCloud Service, delivered through wireless edge routers, unlocks the power of mobile broadband — making it possible for field-based organizations and transit providers to connect vehicles and on-board IoT to critical applications and the cloud, everywhere they go.

Keep vehicles connected

Ensure constant connectivity with SD-WAN intelligence optimizing network traffic across multi-link Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G — enabling in-vehicle connectivity for employees, guest Wi-Fi, and telemetry data for fleet efficiency.