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Mobile Mark LTB301 Antenna

Multiband Cellular MIMO Antenna with GPS
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Product Details
Brand: Mobile Mark

Mobile Mark LTB301 Antenna

Multiband Cellular MIMO Antenna with GPS

  • 3-cables: two Cellular/LTE and one GPS
  • Field proven design; dependable link
  • Slim line, blade style: fits on NEMA Box
  • Through-Roof Screw-Mount
  • Easy Installation with Single Mounting Hole
  • Built Tough – Industrial & Military Specs


Mobile Mark LTB301

This 3-element LTB301 antenna is designed for Utility Cabinets and NEMA Boxes, it can be mounted in any setting where a slim profile is desired. It offers outstanding electrical performance as well as a unique mechanical package.

Mobile Mark’s LTB301 blade-style Multiband/MIMO antenna for Smart Grids combines two Cellular LTE elements and one GPS element in a slim, compact radome. It measures only 7 1/2” long by 1 1/2” deep and less than 4” tall (19cm x 3.8 cm x 10cm). It is attached through a single mounting hole that accommodates all three cable connections. A special gasket preserves the IP67 water ingress rating when properly mounted.

Market Applications

  • Industrial IoT
  • Cellular M2M
  • NEMA Boxes
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Utilities

LTB301 Details

Using our new slim line package, the LTB301 is a Multiband 4G/LTE 2x MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) antenna with dual LTE (694-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz) in addition to GPS at 1575 MHz. This particular model comes with SMA plugs and two 18” (45.72cm) RF Cables as well as one 18” (45.72 cm)RG174 cable for GPS. The LTB can also be configured without GPS. This blade style antenna is ground-plane independent and designed to perform on either a fiberglass or metal box.

LTB301 Variants

3C3C00 Models (2xLTE MIMO)

  • 2-cables: two Cellular LTE
    • LTE Cables 1-2:
      • 694-960 MHz, 0-3 dBi
      • 1710-2700 MHz, 4 dBi
      • SMA Endpoint (Cable LL-195)
    • GPS Cable 3:
      • 1575 MHz, 26 dB, 5 dBi
      • SMA Endpoint (Cable RG-174)

3C3C2C Models (2xLTE MIMO and 1xGPS)

  • 3-cables: two Cellular LTE and one GPS
    • LTE Cables 1-2:
      • 694-960 MHz, 0-3 dBi
      • 1710-2700 MHz, 4 dBi
      • SMA Endpoint (Cable LL-195)
    • GPS Cable 3:
      • 1575 MHz, 26 dB, 5 dBi
      • SMA Endpoint (Cable RG-174)



LTB301-3C3C00-GRY-18 includes 2-Cables | 1.5 Feet Each | No GPS

LTB301-3C3C00-GRY-60 includes 2-Cables | 5 Feet Each | No GPS

LTB301-3C3C00-GRY-72 includes 2-Cables | 6 Feet Each | No GPS

LTB301-3C3C2C-GRY-18 includes 3-Cables | 1.5 Feet Each | GPS

LTB301-3C3C2C-GRY-24 includes 3-Cables | 2 Feet Each | GPS

LTB301-3C3C2C-GRY-48 includes 3-Cables | 4 Feet Each | GPS
LTB301-3C3C2C-GRY-60 includes 3-Cables | 5 Feet Each | GPS

LTB301-3C3C2C-GRY-72 includes 3-Cables | 6 Feet Each | GPS

LTB301-3C3C2C-GRY-180 includes 3-Cables | 15 Feet Each | GPS

Download Mobile Mark LTB301 Antenna Specification Sheet

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