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Cradlepoint MC400 LTE Advanced Pro

Enterprise reliability with Gigabit-Class LTE performance
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Cradlepoint MC400 Modular Modem

Enterprise reliability with Gigabit-Class LTE performance

  • Modem Speed:
    • LP4 Variants: 150/50 Mbps
    • LP6 Variants: 300/50 Mbps
    • 600M Variants: 600/150 Mbps
    • 1200M Variants: 1200/150 Mbps
  • FirstNet Ready™: Yes, Band 14 (1200 Mbps Models Only)
  • SIM Slots: Dual-SIM Slots (All Models)
  • Active GPS: Yes (Excluding LP4 Models)


Cradlepoint MC400 Modular Modem

The MC400 Modular LTE Modem combines enterprise reliability with Gigabit-Class LTE performance. Cradlepoint branch, mobile, and IoT routers equipped with this modem can be easily upgraded to include industry-leading capabilities such as dual modems and LTE Advanced Pro.

  • Provide more usable bandwidth for burst or peak usage by adding the MC400 modular modem to a Cradlepoint router.
  • Deploy multiple wireless backup connections to help reach 99.99% uptime.
  • Each modem includes two SIM slots for even more data plan diversity options.
  • The Cradlepoint MC400 is supported on most operators in all countries where Cradlepoint routers are sold:
    • MC400-1200M (North America FirstNet or EU) LTE Advanced Pro
    • MC400-600M-C (North America FirstNet) LTE Advanced Pro
    • MC400LP6 (North America or EU) LTE Advanced
    • MC400LP4 (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile & Canada) LTE

Compatible Products:

  • AER Series: AER2200 | AER1600
  • ARC Series: ARC CBA850
  • COR Series: COR IBR1700 | COR IBR900 | COR IBR600B | COR IBR600C
  • E Series: E300 | E3000 (Specifically the BF-MC400LP6)

MC400 | Key Features

  • Offers second modem capability
  • Dual SIM slots in each modem
  • Active GPS (available on most models)
  • Support for public safety networks & Band 14
  • Support for Gigabit-Class LTE Advanced Pro

MC400 | Key Benefits

  • Higher Availability: Insert modem to add a second active LTE link for primary & failover connectivity
  • Ultimate WAN Diversity: Combine 4G LTE with dual-modem, dual-SIM, & multi-carrier functionality; Ethernet; &/or WiFi-as-WAN
  • Flexibility: Auto-switch SIM cards when you’ve reached your data plan cap
  • Future-proof your network: Field upgrade existing routers to the latest modem technology
  • Locate assets: Active GPS with support for CAD & fleet management ensures vehicles can always be located

What’s in the Box:

  • MC400 modem
  • Zero, two, or four cellular antennas (depending on SKU purchased)
  • Modem door cover (1200M-B models only)
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