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Cradlepoint CBA850 Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket for CBA850
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Product Details
UPC: 804879562702
Brand: Cradlepoint
  • Cradlepoint CBA850 Mounting Bracket

    Mounting Bracket for CBA850
    • Mount Type: Wall or Ceiling
    • Mount Kit:
      • Bracket (Qty 1)
      • Screws (Qty 4)
    • Length: 3.58″ (9.1 cm)
    • Width: 4.72″ (12 cm)
    • Height: 0.689″ (1.75 cm)
    • Description

      Cradlepoint CBA850 Mounting Bracket

      Cradlepoints connectivity solutions span a broad array of scenarios within branch, mobile, and IoT applications. Many of which necessitate specialized Cradlepoint accessories from third-party providers like Digital Navigator. With the right Cradlepoint solution and case-specific extras, you’ll unlock the power of LTE and 5G at the edge in exciting new ways. The CBA850 Mounting Bracket we feature on this page accompanies the Cradlepoint CBA850 Branch LTE Adapter.The cloud-managed CBA850 empowers administrators to maximize infrastructure investments with a high-speed, automatic secondary path to access and control the network at remote locations when connectivity is lost or even if the primary router goes down. With the CBA850 Mounting Bracket, you can mount the CBA850 adapter easily to walls or ceilings.Featured Accessory:
      • Length of bracket: 3.58 in
      • Width of bracket: 4.72 in
      • Height of bracket: 0.689 in
      Package Content:
      • 1 Bracket
      • 4 Screws
      Product Compatability:
      • CBA850 Series
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